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How to write a good summary for a scientific paper or conference presentation

Chittaranjan Andrade

Department of Psychopharmacology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Abstracts of Scientific papers are sometimes written poorly, often important information is missing and occasionally convey a biased image. This paper offers detailed suggestions with examples to write the background, methods, results and conclusions and conclusions of a good summary. The primary goal of this paper is the young researcher; However, authors with all levels of experience can find useful ideas in the newspaper.


This paper is the third in a series in manuscript writing skills, published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry . Earlier articles offered proposals for writing a good case report, [1] and how to read, write or check a paper on randomized controlled studies. [2,3] This paper checks how authors can write a good summary when preparing their manuscript for a scientific journal or conference presentation. Although the primary goal of this paper is the young researcher, it is likely that authors with all the levels of experience find at least some ideas that can be useful in their future efforts.

The summary of a paper is the only part of the paper published in conference proceedings. The summary is the only part of the paper that sees a potential referee when invited by an editor to check a manuscript. The summary is the only part of the paper to see the readers when searching through electronic databases like pubmed. Finally, most readers are recognized with a giggle that they see only the titles of the contained papers if they scroll through the hard copy of a journal. If a title interests you, look through the summary of this paper. Only a dedicated reader becomes the content of the paper and then only the introductory and discussion sections Peruse. Only a reader with a very specific interest in the subject of the paper and the need to understand it thoroughly will read the entire paper.

For the vast majority of the readers, the paper does not exist beyond his summary. For the referees and the few readers who want to read beyond the summary, the summary sets the sound for the rest of the paper. It is therefore the obligation of the author to ensure that the summary is properly representative of the entire paper. For this, the summary must have some general characteristics. These are listed in Table 1.

Table 1

General qualities of a good abstraction

Sections of an abstract

Although some magazines are still publishing abstracts that are written as free-flexible paragraphs require most magazines abstracts to meet a formal structure within a word word counts. The usual sections defined in a structured summary are background, methods, results and conclusions; Other headings with similar meanings can be used (eg introduction instead of background or findings instead of results). Some magazines include additional sections, eg. B. goals (between background and methods) and restrictions (at the end of the summary). In the remaining paper, the problems relating to the contents of each section are checked in turn.


This section should be the shortest part of the summary and override the following information very briefly:

What is already known about the topic, based on the period in question

What is unknown, what the topic is unknown, and therefore what the study is to examine (or what the paper is present)

In most cases, the background can be framed in only 2-3 sentences, each sentence describing a different aspect of the above information; Sometimes a single sentence can be enough. The purpose of the background, as the word itself indicates, is to provide the reader a background of the study, thus leading to a description of the methods used in the examination.

Some authors publish papers the abstracts whose abstracts contain a longer background. There are some situations, maybe where this is justified. In most cases, however, a longer background section means that less space for the representation of the results remains. This is regrettable because the reader is interested in the newspaper because of its findings, and not due to its background.

Table 2 provides a variety of acceptable composite backgrounds; Most of them were adapted to the actual papers. [4-9] The readers can compare the content in Table 2 with the original abstracts to see how customizations may improve the originals. Note that in the interests of the shortness of unnecessary content is unnecessarily avoided. In Example 1, for example, it is not necessary to establish "the antidepressant efficacy of Desvenlafaxine (DV), a dual-acting antidepressant drug ..." (the unnecessary content is Italian).

Table 2

Examples of the background portion of an abstract


The section of the methods is usually the second longest section in the summary. It should contain enough information so that the reader can understand the reader what has been done and how. Table 3 lists important questions to which the section Methods provides short answers.

Table 3

Questions that information ideally be available in the method department of an abstract

Unrespond written method sections is missing information about important topics such as pattern size, numbers of patients in different groups, doses of medicines and duration of the study. Readers only need to penetrate the pages of a random journal to recognize how usual such negligence is.

Table 4 shows examples of the content of acceptable written procedural sections modified from the actual publications. [10.11] The readers are invited to include the first set of each example in Table 4 Special Note; Everyone is packed with detail, illustrates how to convey the maximum amount of information with the maximum economy of the Word Count.

Table 4

Examples of the method portion of an abstract

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