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Writing helps - Best Writing Service - Top-Ranked Essay and Resume Writing Services

How written your brain improves and helps you to heal

Expressable letter was associated with psychological benefits, for example improved mood, greater well-being, lower load levels and less depressive symptoms. Lower blood pressure, improved lung and liver functions and reduced time in the hospital are to the physical advantages. Specifically:

  • A brain-imaging study of UCLA psychologists showed that the feelings, in oral or written words expressed, reduces the activity in the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain, and the thinking brain engaged. This brain pattern can make sadness, anger and pain less intensively.
  • Research suggests that expressive writing can also offer people physical and psychological benefits by strengthening the immune function. In tests, findings in four areas writes significantly improved health results: reported physical health, psychic well-being, physiological functioning and general function.
  • Another study found that simply about feelings in writing before a stressful task that chronic Worriers brains perform more efficiently. Your brain was less active and performed a task with fewer resources.
  • About writing feelings after a traumatic event, physical wounds can heal faster after an experiment. The participants allocated in the magazines had faster healing times than those instructed to be written about their feelings.
  • in your brain on ink, the authors explain how they can use the writing to engage their thinking brain, and calm the parasympathetic nervous system to use the self-directed neuroplasticity to their brain to be able to use.
  • the act of using a pen or a pencil to pack thoughts on paper can help you to maintain the information you are screaming in exploration. In short, the writing of hand forces the brain to process information to promote understanding and retention.

the healing power of writing

In addition to the many measurable advantages of writing for our brains and bodies, we know that it only feels clear.

With much too much chaos and craziness in the world, writing is a way to make the sense of things that do not make sense. It is a way to feel as if we had a little control in a world in a world where we often have no.

If we do not know what else it can do, words feel on paper feel tangible, real - at least we'll do something. If we do not suffer to talk to someone, writing can be our voice. Writing helps us explore and express emotions. It is a way for us to delete pain and anxiety and record performance and progress.

My story

After he takes care of my brother when he wasting and died of AIDS, the end of my 18-year marriage, and for many years false turns and things that do not trying to kill me in June 2007 by joining me The swallow hit a few pills.

After a week in a coma I woke up with a serious brain injury. (Read the whole story here.) With determination, hard work and discipline, accompanied by reading a lot, self-examination, advice that things do differently, and by the wonder of neuroplasticity, I healed slowly emotionally, mentally and physically.

As part of my healing trip, I started writing about my experiences and the touched topics of depression, suicide and mental illnesses. When I put my dirty lingeries out there, I found that people were most often compassionate and understanding. When I had shared and healed, I felt like I was asking weights that I trained for a long time. When writing my memoire, it was as if I left the pain in the written words, and it did not have to shoulders anymore.

Corrie's story

For years, writing the structure on my day. It was a reason to get up in the morning to follow a routine and contribute what I could in the world I had no interaction with. I was clinically agoraphobic and greatly depressed. My fears and phobias were so weaker that I was legally hindered - but tuned bored. I needed an outlet, and I had all these ideas for novels just to accommodate room in my imagination.

I decided to try my hand when writing a book. I had no statement on how to do this, and then I was not interested in the process of "how to write a book". I just wanted to write. I still sat down in my pajamas and began to enter. And it was fun! It feels good. Writing facilitates a certain pressure that had built up in me. I came up with ideas again and again, and I wrote her down as soon as possible. I ran all my emotions and fear into my writing and slipped five novels in twelve months. Take my life, which led to a coma and brain injuries. After my suicide, it took a while until my brain could concentrate enough to spend or write just twenty minutes. I knew I would have to work every day to build my spiritual endurance and creative skills on their earlier strength. I also knew that writing was an important part of my life, which was worth the effort. It was like a friend I missed.

I've learned healthier ways to deal with my thoughts and emotions, and how I healed, my relationship has developed and changed to write. It is a kind of expressed meditation for me. In fact, I have just published a new book. While the end result is still a killer Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi novel, is now a way to communicate with the world with the world that I have hidden from me for so long. To be real with my writing is a meaningful way to connect with people - instead of a way to avoid them. I think that is so emphasized and pretty miraculous. "

Corries Brillage is a novel, up-and-coming polarina, cat's and meditator. She lives in NYC and is currently working on a script. You can check out your newest book here and connect it to your Facebook.

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